The family of Augustinu Andeline Chicalu, allegedly murdered by her husband in Rundu's Ndama Informal Settlement, is opposing the decision of the Rundu Magistrate's Court to release him on bail.

The family argued that five months in prison is too soon, as the gruesome killing is still fresh in the family's memory.

Andeline, who was hearing impaired, was allegedly hacked to death with an axe by her partner, Christian Kudumo, who is also hearing impaired, in August last year.

Kudumo is said to have gone missing after committing the crime until he was arrested the following day.

The deceased's grandmother, Andeline Chicalu, has been taking care of the couple's three children, aged six, three, and one.

"Why should they release him? To come to do what? To come to kill us or what? I am not happy with that decision. Why should he come to walk around? Is he going to bring back my grandchild? When he was still with his wife, he was not looking after the children. How will he manage to do that now that he is coming from prison?"

The family believes Kudumo is still a threat to the children and himself once he is granted bail.

Lucas Chicalu questions who will take responsibility if the accused makes good on his threats to kill his family.

"The day he started to commit that murder, he promised that he was going to kill the wife, kill the children, and kill himself. Now, for the most part, the kids were at the village on the grandmother's side. He killed his wife, then ran away the next morning, and at the same time he was running, he tried to look for an object to cut himself on the penis to commit suicide. That's a sign that if he comes out, he'll still finish the mission that was left unfinished."

Because of his disability, the suspect was granted $5,000 bail last week.

Following objections from the family, the decision has been put on hold pending a bail hearing on the 27th of next month.

Kudumo has been in police custody since his arrest.

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