Namibia's green schemes can be more competitive if the country finds export markets.

This is the view of Maxwell Nghidinwa farm Manager at Sikondo Green Scheme in the Kavango West Region.

Sikondo is one of the projects that is managed by the government after Uvhungu Vhungu and Shadikongoro were offered for lease to private investors.

Nghidinwa says the market especially for vegetables is always a problem and this hampers' the farm from increasing its production capacity.

He says there is a need to address challenges affecting green schemes holistically to create jobs for Namibians.

He further added that the project has devised a strategy to ensure that the project benefits local communities through employment and selling cheaply maize and wheat flour among others.

The farm employs 32 permanent workers and hires up to 500 casuals every year for seasonal jobs.


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Sikondo Irrigation Project


Chris Kupulo