Namibia commemorates International Day of Education


In these challenging times, Namibia's commitment to peace must go beyond conventional security measures.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Arts, and Culture said this at the commemoration of the International Day of Education. 

The celebration aims to commemorate the essence of education.

Faustina Caley says that education emerges as the cornerstone of this commitment to peace.

She emphasises that education empowers individuals to overcome challenges, equipping them with skills and knowledge to build a better future.

Young entrepreneur encourages others to take up the challenge


You will never know if you can excel at something until you try.

These are the words of Queentaline ||Hoëbes, a businesswoman who, at the tender age of 16, started her business and is now encouraging those who want to become entrepreneurs.

||Hoëbes says her business journey started when her father lost his job, and she was then left with no option but to make ways to sustain herself.

She started her business with as little as a thousand dollars, with the help of different online applications.

CoW postpones election of additional management committee members


The City of Windhoek has again postponed a meeting to elect two additional management committee members.

The meeting, scheduled for earlier Thursday afternoon, was postponed because there were no nominations for the two management committee members.

The meeting will now happen on February 8.

Last year, the City of Windhoek only managed to elect three management committee members out of the constituting five.

All three members are from the Swapo Party, following an unexpected coalition between Swapo and Nudo.

Celebrating New Year's Eve in church


While most were out celebrating the dawn of the New Year, others took a more tranquil approach.

Celebrating New Year's Eve in church was described as a way of calling for God's direction and setting the year 2024 off on the right foot.

Some people, whom the nbc News team spoke to, said that celebrating New Year's Eve in church is a way of thanking God for all he has done and setting the right pace for the new year.

Christmas babies


Christmas Day in Windhoek was marked by the joyful arrival of six newborns at the Katutura Intermediate and Central hospitals.

Four baby girls and one bouncing baby boy were delivered at the Katutura Hospital Maternity Ward, while the Central Hospital saw the arrival of a baby boy.

The first cries of the Christmas babies echoed through Katutura Hospital at 1:52, heralding the beginning of a heartwarming series of arrivals.

Just three minutes later, a little princess made her debut at 1:55.

Endola SME and Youth Expo kicks off this week


The Endola Annual SME and Youth Expo in the Ohangwena Region is set to start this Thursday until Sunday at Endola.

The expo aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to display and market their goods and services.

The organiser of the Endola Annual SME and Youth Expo, Miryam Haipinge, says that the expo is crucial for small businesses in terms of networking and growth and to uplift economic activities in rural areas, where they are currently low.

NamBTS in dire need of blood


The Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NamBTS) is in dire need of blood donations and products and has only sufficient supply for the next four days.

The Marketing Officer at NAMBTS Salmi Shigwedha is appealing to eligible donors from the ages of 16 to 65 to come forth.

Shigwedha says that the turnout of people donating blood dropped due to the festive season, as most people do not come out during this time.

Another contributing factor that led to low participation in donating blood was the high demand in hospitals.

Namibia lauded for its commitment to access to information


A delegation from the International Festival of Freedom of Expression and the Press (FILEP) and the Norbert Zongo National Press Centre has commended Namibia for its commitment to access to information and freedom of expression.

One of them, a media consultant at Mali Givean, Ndey Tapha Sosseh, made the remarks during their visit to the BBC.

The delegation was briefed about the operations and workflow at the News and Current Affairs Division.

Miss Earth Namibia jets off to Asia


Miss Earth Namibia Martha Kautanevali has jetted off to Asia, where she will be representing the country at the 23rd Miss Earth competition slated for December 22 in Vietnam.

A throng of family, friends, and supporters escorted her to the Hosea Kutako International Airport to wish her well.

Among the well-wishers was Miss Namibia Organisation's Chief Executive Officer, Umbi Karuaihe-Upi.

Kautanevali says that she is ready to represent Namibia at the competition.