Namibians invited to attend the upcoming Omagongo festival

Headman Oswin Mukulu of the Ombalantu Traditional Authority is inviting all Namibians to attend the upcoming Omagongo festival in big numbers.

The festival is scheduled to take place at Ohamautsi, in the Anamulenge Constituency of the Omusati Region, on the 3rd of June.

The annual Omagongo festival is celebrated on a rotational basis among the eight northern traditional authorities.

The Marula fruit festival brings people from diverse cultures together to socialize and strengthen their traditional roots.

Transport Minister says roads are foundation for country's economy

The Minister of Works and Transport, John Mutorwa has highlighted the importance of developing rural roads as a foundation for the country's economy. 

Mutorwa emphasized that infrastructure development acts as a catalyst for economic growth, social progress, and plays a significant role in enhancing global competitiveness and attracting investments.

The Works and Transport Minister said this during a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the commencement of construction of the Tsandi-Omugulugwoombashe road, also known as District Road 3633, in the Omusati Region.

Pelagia Eelu buried at Otshitutuma cemetery in Oshikuku Constituency

Freedom fighter and veteran of the liberation struggle, 99-year-old Pelagia Eelu, was buried at Otshitutuma Cemetery in Oshikuku Constituency in the Omusati Region.

President  Hage Geingob conferred an official funeral on her.

Eelu who was described as a strong supporter of the country's liberation struggle, died in Windhoek on 4th May.

She was born in Okapuku Village in the Omusati Region and joined Swapo Party at the early stage of its establishment.

Ashipala Secondary School learner arrested after allegedly killing her newborn

An 18-year-old learner from Ashipala Secondary School in Omusati Region was arrested after she allegedly killed her newborn child at the school's hostel.

Police preliminary investigations reveal that the suspect gave birth to a baby boy and stuffed toilet paper in the baby's mouth, suffocating him.

She then wrapped the baby in her t-shirt and hid the body in the hostel room cupboard.

School learners discovered blood in the shower and informed the school teacher, who alerted the police officers, who ultimately made the grisly discovery.

President Geingob wishes Founding President Nujoma a happy 94th birthday

Founding President Sam Nujoma is celebrating his 94th birthday today.

President Hage Geingob is among the first citizens to send well wishes to Nujoma, saying the nation celebrates the valiant son, whose bravery was unwavering in the pursuit of the Namibian revolution.

Nujoma was born on 12 May 1929, at Etunda Village in the Omusati Region.

Dr. Geingob, in a statement, said Founding President Nujoma played a towering role in uniting Namibians in their march for a stable and prosperous country.

Two male learners arrested for allegedly raping a 9-year old girl

Police in the Omusati Region have arrested two male learners, aged 15 and 10, while another is on the run for allegedly raping a 9-year-old girl at Omaandi village in Oshikuku constituency.

It is alleged that three suspects, one of whom is still on the run, had sexual intercourse with the victim, who sustained serious injuries to her private parts and is now receiving medical attention at Oshikuku Catholic Hospital.

Both suspects are expected to appear in the Outapi Magistrate's Court today.

Police investigations in the matter continue.

Okalongo Health Center in the Omusati Region is faces a shortage of staff

The Okalongo Health Center in the Omusati Region is facing a shortage of medical staff.

The health center serves more than 56,980 people, and this number excludes Angolan nationals, who make use of the facility as well.

This was said by Senior Registered Nurse Amupala Eliakim during the handing over of building materials donated by the Ombandja Traditional Authority to the health center.

The Okalongo Health Center was established in 1992, and there is currently a doctor, nine nurses, one driver, three institutional workers, and two emergency care practitioners.

23-year-old Oshithashembungu resident stabbed to death

A 23-year-old resident of Oshithashembungu village in Onesi Constituency, Omusati Region, died on Friday after being stabbed with a knife in the chest.

The incident took place at the Ondumbo location.

It's alleged that the deceased Timoteus Pius was socializing at an Ondumbo location when he decided to go home.

On his way, he realized that he had left his cell phone behind.

He went back to get the phone, but an argument erupted between the deceased and the suspect, who was confronted about the cell phone.

Dr. Kalumbi Shangula inaugurates Oikokola Primary Healthcare Clinic

Health and Social Services Minister Dr. Kalumbi Shangula officially opened the Oikokola Primary Healthcare Clinic in Etayi constituency in Omusati Region.

The clinic's construction was funded by the government at a cost of N$17.9 million.

On Monday, Dr. Shangula opened another primary health care clinic at Iipanda Yamiti in Oshikuku district.

He says primary health care is the foundation for a stronger health system.

Omusati Region has seen significant growth and development since independence

The great Omusati Region, like many others, has seen significant growth and development since the country's independence.

The region's name, Omusati, comes from the Mopane tree, known in the local vernacular as omusati, which is the dominant tree species across the region.
The region, which is home to about 243,000 inhabitants, has six local authorities, which are Oshikuku, Okahao, Oshifo, Ruacana, Tsandi, and Outapi as its capital, and the officially proclaimed Onandjaba with two settlements, Onesi and Ogongo.