Education Minister emphasises importance of higher education and innovation in Namibian economy


Higher Education, Training, and Innovation Minister Itah Kandjii-Murangi has said the development of professional and technical human resources, research, science, technology, and innovation infrastructure is the cornerstone of the transformation of the Namibian economy.

Kandjii-Murangi made the remarks during a high-level tertiary education funding budget review dinner held in the capital on Thursday.

The 2023/24 Budget caters for youth and women development


The government will fund various youth programs, aimed at capacity building and skills development.

In the budget tabled by the Finance Minister, Iipumbu Shiimi on Wednesday, funding is availed for charcoal production projects through the National Youth Service, as well as for a youth credit scheme and 121 rural youth enterprises, under the Ministry of Youth.

Iipumbu Shiimi revealed that Agribank has so far disbursed N$25,6 million to women and youth towards promoting inclusivity.

Youth ministry accused of excluding young people in youth development 


The Freedom March Movement's Kavango West branch has accused the Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service of excluding young people in the region from benefiting from youth development.

At a media conference at Nkurenkuru, the movement's chairperson, Modestus Kupembona, alleged that the Ministry is denying young people in Kavango West the opportunity to benefit from development, saying the move is equal to the institutionalised separate development that was prevalent during the apartheid era.