Mass Housing Programme delivers 119 houses


The Mass Housing Development Programme has made another deposit of 119 houses at Matutura Extension 9 in Swakopmund, narrowing the housing gap in the country.

The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, says this shows the government's commitment to addressing the housing backlog.

The 119 houses that were handed over are the last batch of the 319 houses that were given to New Era Investments for completion in 2022.

Uutoni noted, with great appreciation, that the 319 houses have been completed ahead of schedule.

Dina Namubes re-elected as mayor


Dina Namubes, who has been re-elected as Mayor of Swakopmund, emphasises the need for ongoing collaboration with all relevant parties to achieve the town's future objectives.

The election of office-bearers was delayed last month due to a tie between Namubes and Matthias Henrichsen for the mayoral position.

Both are part of the coalition of parties in the council, with Namubes representing the IPC ticket and Henrichsen from the Swakopmund Residents Association.

Swakopmund Junior TC inaugurates new members


Berry Kamana has been elected as Swakopmund's Junior Mayor, deputised by Preston Husselman. The Junior Council consists of learners from various schools around Swakopmund. In her opening speech, Mayor Berry Kamana committed to being the voice of change as they seek solutions to their daily problems.

"Youth empowerment will be a cornerstone of my tenure as Junior Mayor. I believe we need each other, and we are the only ones who can truly serve and save ourselves. The ideas, the innovation, and the energy of our youth can guide positive energy."

Rapid mushrooming of shacks in Swakopmund a concern


The residents of Ocean View and Mile 4 in Swakopmund have expressed concern over the rapid mushrooming of informal shacks in the settlement of DRC, on the outskirts of the coastal town.

These concerns were raised by the residents during a consultative meeting organized over the weekend by the Swakopmund municipality.

Over the past years, a significant number of people have been flocking to Swakopmund, driven by the pursuit of opportunities in the mining and tourism sectors. Consequently, this has led to a surge in the number of shacks within informal settlements.

Access to residential land and housing remains biggest barrier to homeownership


The Mayor of Swakopmund says access to residential land and housing remains the biggest barrier to homeownership, not only in Swakopmund but countrywide.

Dina Namubes said this during the groundbreaking ceremony for phase 3 of the Build Together project in the town.

In January 2017, the Council approved the allocation of 150 erven at Ext. 26 to the Build Together beneficiaries and allocated them land at 7, 8, and 9 extensions.

The council, according to the mayor, managed to construct 70 of the 150 houses in two phases.

Agriculture remains significant to Namibia's economy


The Erongo Governor says agriculture is one of Namibia's most important sectors, with around 70 percent of the country's population depending directly or indirectly on it for income and livelihood.

Neville Andre highlighted this during the handing over ceremony of 1 037 gardening tools, wheelchairs, and swinging machines to SMEs at Swakopmund.

Swakopmund municipality's Project Shine receives donations


The Swakopmund municipality's Project Shine has received N$190,000 from various sponsors to keep the town and surrounding areas clean.

Since its launch in 2007, Project Shine has played a significant role in promoting cleanliness, recycling, and improving the social welfare of the Swakopmund community.

The town mayor, Dina Namubes, says through this project, residents are encouraged to dispose of their waste in a responsible way and be mindful of the problem that litter presents.

57 mobile toilet facilities handed over at DRC


A lack of water and poor sanitation are affecting the quality of life for the less privileged residents of Swakopmund. 

This was said by the Mayor of Swakopmund, Dina Namubes during the handing over of 57 mobile toilet facilities at DRC.

Namubes says the availability of these toilets will help fight diseases and preserve the health and well-being of the residents.

"The results of these poor personal hygiene practices often lead to exposure to diseases and unwanted illnesses. Therefore, as per our mandate to provide basic services to our community."

Poor attendance of parents at meetings on education disappoints Swakopmund Mayor


The Mayor of Swakopmund, Dina Namubes, is disappointed by the poor attendance of parents at meetings on education.

Namubes and other leaders said the poor attendance shows a lack of parental involvement in their children's education.

Half of the seats in the multipurpose hall of Mondesa Swakopmund were empty because parents did not show up in numbers at a parent's education conference.

The conference is an initiative of the Swakopmund municipality, and it was aimed at boosting collaboration with parents on the education of children.