Erongo Governor Neville Andre is urging high school learners in the region to set their ambitions high for success through hard work to obtain better results.

Andre was speaking at Duinesig High School, which performed well in the 2023 Namibia Senior Secondary Advanced Subsidiary and Ordinary Level examinations.

Lack of focus, parental support, and indiscipline were cited as the primary reasons for failure in examinations.

Andre said schools from the region have shown consistent deterioration in their results over the years.

Therefore, Andre encouraged school learners in the region to set for themselves clear long-term and short-term goals and work on them.

Andre says their goals must define their purpose in life, which should not fail.

He says there are no shortcuts if you want to become someone in life.

"We can produce a scientist, an engineer, a president from this school, and a minister from this school. You are the best, but you are confronted with many obstacles, and you refuse to give up and do your best. You can do better. And you must just continue with the legacy. The class of 2023 was committed to excellence, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and resilience. They put in extraordinary effort into their studies. We call on the class of 2024 to do better because you can."

Also speaking at the event was Walvis Bay Education Circuit Inspector Theresia Goagoses.

"The first one that I am giving you is discipline. Without discipline, education cannot take place. What do I mean by discipline? If you come to school, let the teachers do their work, and you do your work. The teachers are not there to keep the law and order in the classrooms and to tell you to keep quiet and to do what is in the classrooms. Let them come and do the work they are paid for. Leave everything that does not fit in the classroom at home, and you come for the purpose that you are coming for.

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