The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Loide Kasingo, motivated the annual reports submitted by the Electoral Commission of Namibia. The reports covered several key areas pertinent to the commission's operations.

Kasingo emphasised that the report not only demonstrates the commission's compliance with legal provisions but also highlights its dedication to fulfilling its mandate.

She stressed the importance of elected representatives recognising the trust placed in them by the people and utilising the report as a tool for enhancing the electoral system.

"We intend to use this report as a guide for further improving our electoral system, especially as we prepare for the Presidential and National Assembly Elections scheduled later this year. Let's work together to address any challenges and shortcomings identified in this report while capitalising on the achievements outlined."

The Deputy Speaker commended the Electoral Commission of Namibia for its commitment to ensuring the integrity of the electoral process and called for continued support in upholding democracy in the country.

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Serafia Nadunya