While celebrating the completion and opening of roads on Impalila Island on Thursday, the Roads Authority (RA) handed over additional infrastructure and funds to the community.

The Chief Executive Officer of the RA, Conrad Lutombi, announced that after the completion of the roads, they are now busy with the process of manufacturing a floating dock for the ferry and vehicles coming into the island, which will be installed in the next four months.

"In addition to that Deputy Prime Minister, the ferry that was used in the construction of these roads was purchased by the Roads Authority; therefore, our plan is to ensure that we now have to put an expression of interest where we can joint venture on a private-public partnership, probably with the local whoever will be the successful person meeting our requirements to be able to utilise the ferry so that we can work while we are busy constructing the Kasika, people can come to Impalila, drive their vehicles, and go back through Kasane with that ferry, so we don't want to see this investment become a white elephant."

He announced that the Impalila Combined School and Sub-Khuta further benefited through their corporate social responsibility.

"Together with the contractor and the consultant, we have constructed three houses at the school, which consist of two bedrooms, a kitchen, a sitting room, and flushing toilets, which we are going to donate today, through the Deputy Prime Minister, to the Directorate of Education. In fact, we are happy that the Director of Education is here. In addition to that, we have constructed two facilities at this sub-khuta where we are standing, which consist of flushing toilets."

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, and Safety and Security also received two computers and a printer and scanner that were handed over to the immigration office on the island.

In addition, the RA, together with the Road Fund Administration, pledged an amount of N$14,000 to the Impalila Combined School.

The consulting company also built a church for community members on the island.

While sharing the abundance of gifts with the residents, Lutombi also confirmed that the first phase of the construction on the Bukalo-Muyako as well as Nakabolelwa to Kasika has begun.

"Bukalo-Muyako from there to Ibbu until Ngoma has been advertised today. Kasika to Nakabolelwa is a very difficult project. We shortlisted six contractors, and we are currently in the evaluation process, including the contractor who built the Impalila roads. Once we have found a successful candidate, we will break ground, but it will definitely be this year. We wanted to confirm this."

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Juliet Sibeso