The Kavango East Education Directorate has awarded tenders worth more than N$18 million for the construction of classrooms.

Of late the Rundu Circuit has been experiencing a shortage of classrooms leading to overcrowding with some learners being taught in tents. 

A three-classroom block will now be constructed at the Rundu Project School, where learners are currently being taught in tents while a four-classroom block will be built at Siguruguru Primary School.

The Acting Education Director for Kavango East, Christine Shilima says the current construction will not completely address overcrowded classes.  
The other seven schools to benefit from the project are Ndama Combined School, Sikanduko Combine School, Rebeca Kambundu, Alloys Hashipara, Matumbo Libebe, Kayanga Primary School, and Romanus Kaminoko Secondary School.

The contractors are expected to complete the work by the end of August. 

Apart from the N$18 million tenders, the directorate also received additional funds for the construction of 41 additional classrooms.

Shilima cited that the growing number of learners during registration also makes planning difficult.
Shilima encouraged the teachers and learners to aim for better performance and not be discouraged by the current challenges.

The Acting Director has also called on the stakeholders to meet the government halfway to combat overcrowding. 



Elizabeth Mwengo