The Governor of Erongo Region, Neville Andre, presented a recognition award to the local police for their efforts to combat drug trafficking.

The award comes after the recent seizure of more than 30 kg of cannabis worth N$1.5 million in a period of three days.

Seven suspects, all Namibians, have been arrested at Walvis Bay.

Governor André urged members of the public to collaborate with the police in order to stop the drug trade.

He applauded the police for a job well done.

"We just really want to appreciate the Namibian police for their hard work and also to ensure that, fighting and well being and security of our young people of our region, for sure a consignment wreath one point five of drugs, just think about where it should it be it was heading to destroy an individual, it was headed to destroy a family it was headed to destroy a society it was headed to destroy the region and then the whole country."    

Erongo Regional Commander, Commissioner Nikolaus Kupembona, received the award.

"I am very much astonished, it caught me very, very surprised. It is rare that law enforcement agencies are recognised, they are only recognised when the case is maybe handled, but here today as a police regional commander receiving a certificate of appreciation from the governor of this beautiful region, governor, you have deeply touched our hearts, and really on behalf of the region, especially you and your leadership and the support that you are rendering to the Namibian police force, we salute you."



Stefan |Uirab