The Rob Youth Foundation has taken its clean-up campaign to Katima Mulilo Hospital in an effort to provide a safe environment for patients and workers.

Rob Foundaton's Regional Manager for Zambezi, Maria Iikela, told nbc News that the clearing operation is aimed at forging a spirit of unity and responsibility among the youth towards the community.

This will also create awareness about community service.

"We actually decided to choose this day because we believe that it is a day that is there to guide us in terms of spirit in terms of unity in terms of mental health as well as in terms of our health."

Members of Nanso, UNAM students, and other community members also stepped in.

"We are actually asking the youth to take part in these activities; these are activities that are there to upgrade the youth not only in terms of health and mental health but also in terms of socialising; we actually come together as a team and share ideas on how to keep our environment for us to promote peace, stability, and healthy living conditions."

The Acting Director for Katima Mulilo State Hospital, Yvonne Lisho, commended the initiators of the clean-up campaign.



Sililo Mubiana