Some Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) clients waiting in line at the mobile home in Rundu are adamant about finishing the registration process, despite the announced extension.

It's a chaotic situation, with various clients putting pressure on the security guards to better manage the queue.

Despite the extension, some people said they would register today, no matter how long it takes.

They also welcomed the three-month extension.

A number of clients had a lot to say about how the mobile home should handle the registration process.

They say preference should be given to the elderly, the sick, and expecting mothers in the queue.

They also want MTC to work on the slow network, saying they would not be in these queues if the online registration process was hassle-free.

Some clients are also calling on the mobile telecommunications giant to meet their customers halfway by visiting remote areas and businesses for the duration of the extension.

Others are still calling for more than one mobile home in Rundu.



Frances Shaahama