The President of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Martin Lukato, has called for unity towards progress and development.

Lukato said this at a media conference where he called on members of the party to continue working towards creating better living standards for Namibians.

"The NDP believes that there is no Namibian who should languish in poverty or die from hunger, with vast natural resources in our country. Unless there is no political will from the government to address the social problems faced by our people, The living conditions of the Namibian people must improve. The provision of shelter, better health services, and clean water for consumption is a basic human right."

He also called on the government to continue addressing the shortage of schools and classrooms and unemployment among the youth.

"The NDP proposes that all young unemployed professionals must be paid an unemployment grant to continue sustaining themselves until they find employment."

He further added that the party would continue to fight for an improved minimum wage for those in low-paying jobs such as security guards, cashiers, and domestic workers.




Juliet Sibebso