Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) launched its Ground Mobilisation Commandos in Rundu this weekend.

The Ground Mobilisation Commandos targeted about 13 locations in and around Rundu to mobilise and recruit new members.

"To ensure victory over the troops in Oshana, it is crucial that we go out and recruit. Just yesterday, we welcomed 776 new members to our party. This continuous growth is a testament to the IPC's commitment to serving our people and our readiness to govern this country," said IPC President, Panduleni Itula.

During the recruitment process, Dr. Itula emphasised the importance of treating the general public with respect and dignity, even if they do not wish to listen.

"If someone is not interested, thank them and move on. Let's not violate their dignity or invade their privacy. This is their last opportunity to vote for a party that will truly serve them," he added.

Dr. Itula encouraged the commandos to remain determined and reach their recruitment target, regardless of the weather conditions.

"I expect you to go out and recruit over 3000 people today, rain or shine. Let nothing deter us as we march forward," he declared.

The IPC Ground Mobilisation Commandos Launch took place under the theme "Unleashing the Force for Change."

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