The escalating population growth is putting pressure on the City of Windhoek (CoW) municipal infrastructure, intensifying demand for service delivery, and underscoring the need for government intervention. 

Among the ongoing initiatives, CoW Mayor Queen Kamati unveiled the "Informal Settlement Upgrading Pilot Project," which involves constructing 113 houses in Goreangab ext. 4. 

Launched in partnership with the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, the National Housing Enterprise, and the |Khomas Regional Council on the 25th of last month, this project aims to address housing needs in the city.

Additionally, nearly 2000 pensioners have enrolled in the debt relief programme, which aims to alleviate financial burdens by forgiving the outstanding debts of vulnerable elderly residents.

Addressing environmental concerns, Kamati urged residents to use water sparingly, citing last year's declaration of a category water shortage. 

She warned that without improved conservation efforts, a more severe category D water shortage might be declared per the council's water management plan.

The mayor also spoke in support of the government's national policy on climate change.

She urged the residents to take part in events organised by the city that promote culture and diversity, such as the |Ae ||Ams Cultural Festival.

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Donald ǂKariseb