Historic Katutura and Khomasdal houses needed to preserve heritage


The City of Windhoek is inviting owners of homes built from 1959 to 1960 in the Katutura and Khomasdal areas to participate in a Voluntary Exchange of Houses Programme.

The first phase of the project involves the submission of applications and the identification of houses that meet the criteria to be conserved as heritage homes.

Manager of Corporate Communications at the City of Windhoek, Harold Akwenye, said in an interview with nbc News that public participation plays a crucial role and that it will benefit those taking part and the surrounding community.

CoW's Solid Waste Management contract workers down tools


The City of Windhoek's Solid Waste Management contract workers have downed tools. 

Workers said they have been on temporary contracts for years, some extending over a decade, and face the uncertainty of unemployment at the end of July.

The workers submitted petitions in 2023 and April 2024 this year but have yet to receive any responses.

Growing impatient, they now demand answers directly from the Minister of Urban and Rural Development.

 The workers gathered outside the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development as a listening ear. 

Windhoek takes lead on disaster risk reduction


In a bid to enhance urban resilience and mitigate disaster risks, the City of Windhoek and global partners convened a workshop aimed at addressing the pressing challenges posed by climate change and urban expansion. 

The event highlights the need for Africa to spearhead dialogues focused on disaster risk reduction.

The City of Windhek CEO, Moses Matjayi, and the Mayor, Queen Kamati, emphasised the significance of proactive measures in disaster risk management and the prioritisation of urban resilience. 

Dolam residents dismayed over short lived debt relief programme


Residents of Dolam are disappointed with the City of Windhoek's debt relief programme, which concluded yesterday. 

The initiative, which aimed to write off debts amounting to N$524 million, has left community members feeling abandoned and without recourse.

Dolam resident Johanna Ananus shared her disappointment with the programme, recalling her excitement when the programme was first announced. 

However, she found the process too complicated and failed to collect the necessary documentation in time to apply. 

MTC supports safe city concept


MTC will provide about 200 CCTV cameras to the City Police under a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Windhoek.

The cameras are aimed at curbing crime and helping recover items throughout the city. 

Through the signed agreement, the two parties will deploy digital technologies to assist in combating crime within the city. 

The cameras will be deployed at various identified crime hotspots and MTC towers where they have experienced theft.

MTC pledged to support the city's safety concept through the procurement of CCTV equipment and installation. 

City of Windhoek terms KRC demands inhumane


The Deputy Mayor of the City of Windhoek, Joseph Uapingene, has labelled the Katutura Residents Committee (KRC) as "ungrateful" and their demands as "inhumane."

Since mid-2023, the group KRC has been at loggerheads with the Windhoek City Council and its administrators over the appointment of a debt collector. 

The group has been demanding that the city terminate its contract with Red Force, the city's debt collection agency.

The city has maintained that using the services of Red Force is effective and financially viable.

Katutura residents demand cancellation of high municipal bills for elderly


Residents of Katutura feel misled by the City of Windhoek and its campaign to write off the municipal bills of elderly residents.

The promised debt cancellation includes conditions of payment that residents say remain unaffordable for the elderly. 

Katutura residents, mostly comprised of the elderly, marched to the Windhoek Municipality Care Centre, demanding the cancellation of high municipal bills.

Windhoek's population surge strains infrastructure, urgent government intervention needed


The escalating population growth is putting pressure on the City of Windhoek (CoW) municipal infrastructure, intensifying demand for service delivery, and underscoring the need for government intervention. 

Among the ongoing initiatives, CoW Mayor Queen Kamati unveiled the "Informal Settlement Upgrading Pilot Project," which involves constructing 113 houses in Goreangab ext. 4.