The Walvis Bay Management Committee has been accused of boycotting a special council meeting that was aimed at discussing the Red Force Debt Management contract.

The municipality lawyer was supposed to present the findings of an investigation into the Red Force contract at the meeting.

There have been allegations that the Red Force Debt Management contract with the Walvis Bay Municipality was awarded in a dubious manner.

Lawyer Richard Metcalfe has been investigating the claims, and he was ready to spill the beans at a special council meeting Thursday evening.

But there was no quorum because six out of the ten councillors did not attend the meeting.

The absent councillors, who are members of the Management Committee, tendered their apologies. 

Councillor Albertina Nkoshi of Walvis Bay Municipal says, "They are the machine behind the municipal council, but they are not there. What is there? What are they hiding? Don't they want to come and tell us the truth? Because the lawyer is here and the lawyer is going to give us that outcome, and we are prepared to listen to that. We are not going to shy away if they are guilty, and if we are guilty, it must come out today! The truth will set us free."

Paulus Kauhondamwa, Walvis Bay Municipal Councillor, says, "We appointed a lawyer to investigate the issue for the Red Force, now our councillors are trying to boycott the report for the legal to come and give us the findings, until now, the entire management has been boycotting, it's the third time."

Councillor Ephraim Shozi of Walvis Bay Municipal says, "Today, there was an MC meeting, and the sources are already out that there is a new appointment of a new executive, Acting Chief Executive Officer. While we already have a substantive CEO who is going to start on August 1, why the rush? So now this is tantamount to taking the investigation out of the way, simply because the report is getting deeper and deeper to the end of it."

"We had a meeting yesterday. Last night, it was an urgent meeting that was called by the specific councillors that are not here today. They signed even for the special meeting, and we postponed it until this morning. We had a meeting this morning, the same councillors did not come to this specific meeting, but apparently they had another meeting and they were here," says Walvis Bay Municipal Councillor Ryan Gordon.

Walvis Bay Mayor Trevino Forbes could not attend as he is out of the country, while Councillor Victor Leroy said he was out of town with work.

nbc News reached out to the rest of the absent councillors, but their phones went unanswered.

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