Some residents of Keetmanshoop marched to the State Hospital, demanding the reinstatement of well-known medical Doctor, Refanus Kooper. 

Dr. Kooper left public service to go open up a private practice in the Hardap Region.

They also called for the immediate removal of the Director of Health in the ||Kharas Region. 

Residents marched through the streets of Keetmanshoop carrying placards and singing songs, praising Doctor Kooper for his passion for patients.

A community member Ambrosius Mateus said they believe that the decision taken by the Director of the Regional Health along with her regional management team not to appoint Dr. Kooper without any concrete evidence is a violation of his rights and does a disservice to both him and the community her serves. 

Mateus also took issue with the performance of the Director of Health claiming that many employees resign as the working environment is not conducive at the state hospital. 

"These actions have negative impacts on the community, patients and health care system, the lack of competency, quality leadership, and integrity is affecting the delivery of essential health services to the people in our region."

A few community members that spoke to nbc News say they needed Dr. Kooper at the hospital as he understands the language most residents speak, and that most doctors there are foreigners.

Sofia Cloete a community member said she wants Dr. Kooper to be back at the hospital as this will enable them to communicate directly with him which will intern provide them with better services. 

The petition was handed over to Leandra Bushpy, the Chief Health Programme Officer on behalf of the Director of Health in the ||Kharas Region. 

Chief Health Program Officer Leandra Bushpy said he is currently standing in for the regional director as she is out on official duty, and he will make sure that the petition reaches her as soon as she is back.

The group gave management less than two weeks to reinstate Doctor Kooper.

The Director of Health in the ||Karas could not be reached for comment as his phone went unanswered and did also not respond to text messages sent to him.

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