The Khorixas Town Council has provided water and electricity to residents in extensions 11 and 12 of the informal settlement, better known as Donkerhoek.

This was revealed by Khorixas Mayor, Lena ǂGaeses, during an interview with nbc News.

The mayor said the council has also demarcated plots, formalized the area, and will later transfer ownership into the residents' names.

ǂGaeses promised that the council will bring more development aimed at improving the living conditions of the people, especially those in the informal settlement.

"These plots are now estimated to be 300 square meters, and the payment is N$15 per square meter, and the total amount for one plot is N$4,500, and it is for the low-income people based on which that amount was decided upon."

However, ǂGaeses says the council is struggling to put up the sewerage system due to budgetary constraints.

"We brought electricity to this area, and we also brought water; as you see, we don't have toilets, and sewer is not here, which is a very painful thing to us because the people have to go to certain areas to relieve themselves. So, we are still struggling with sewer, which is the biggest problem that we are having."

She revealed that last week some people wanted to grab land illegally without following procedures, but the council swiftly intervened and had discussions with the concerned parties, leading to the matter being resolved.

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Samuel Kandjii