Mines Minister addresses lead exposure cover-up allegations

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, has addressed questions posed by LPM MP Henny Seibeb regarding allegations of lead exposure cover-up by Trevali Mining Corporation in the ||Kharas Region.

Seibeb noted that a medical report exists that reveals the findings of lead concentration tests conducted on 30 children. According to the report, all 30 children exhibited high levels of lead in their blood. These tests were performed by a medical doctor who was previously employed by the mining company.

APRM engages stakeholders in ||Kharas Region

The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) has engaged stakeholders in the ||Kharas Region to assess government performance to enhance good governance and foster sustainable development.

Civil servants, representatives from corporate business and civil organisations, and traditional leaders attended the regional consultative engagement at Keetmanshoop.

APRM is an African self-assessment mechanism that reviews good performance and encourages the implementation of policies and practices of good political, economic, and corporate governance in Africa.

NDGA host stakeholder meeting in ||Kharas Region

The Namibia Deposit Guarantee Authority (NDGA) is currently conducting stakeholder engagements in the ||Kharas Region.

The NDGA aims to protect depositors from the loss of their deposits by compensating them in the unlikely event of a commercial bank failure.

The scheme also safeguards against panic withdrawals by assuring depositors of the safety of their deposits.