Drought relief considered for Otavi Constituency farmers pushed to townlands 

The Otavi Constituency has announced that it will start registering farmers who have been pushed to townlands with their animals to benefit from drought relief food.

The Regional Councillor of the Otavi Constituency, George !Garab, says this group of farmers is a special case.

Otavi is surrounded by many farms, and subsistence farmers retire, some with few animals and others with nothing, to townlands and settle in informal settlements.

Ikaba area farmers suffer great cattle loss

Farmers in Kabbe South in the Zambezi Region have suffered massive stock losses due to pasteurella, a respiratory disease.

Framers, particularly those from the Ikaba area of Zambezi Region, feel let down by the Directorate of Veterinary Services.

Farmers lost close to 260 cattle to pastereulla in recent times.

During a field trip to Ikaba, farmers we spoke to said they were left hopeless due to the outbreak.

Farmers in Kavango West urged to become agriculturally active

Kavango West Governor Sirkka Ausiku has applauded farmers for keeping to the vision for the region to become agriculturally active and self-sufficient.

Ausiku addressed the Kavango West Farmers Union's second ordinary congress at Nkurenkuru.

Ausiku says that as the youngest region, the leadership saw it fit to strengthen its agricultural status.

In 2017, the Farmers Union was established to help reach this vision.

Agronomic Board strategy to empower farmers

The Namibia Agronomic Board aims to capacitate local farmers to increase their yields and realise Namibia's food self-sufficiency. 

The Board is responsible for promoting the agronomic industry and facilitating the production, processing, storage, and marketing of controlled agricultural products in the country.

Its CEO, Dr. Fidelis Mwazi, sheds some light on this.

Minister ||Hoebes urges farmers to improve farming methods

The Minister in the Presidency, Christine ||Hoebes, is urging farmers at Tsjaka and surrounding villages to change their methods of farming to increase food security.

||Hoebes remarked this at the official opening of the Tsjaka Agricultural and Industrial Show 2023 in the Kalahari Constituency.||Hoebes emphasised that it is time that farming communities move away from keeping large herds of livestock and add additional components to their farming practices.

She urged stakeholders to assist farmers in this regard. 

Headwoman Namundjebo-Tilahun aids farmers affected by drought 

The headwoman of Ohailombo Village, Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun, has brought hope and relief to the farmers in Eengodi and Nehale LyaMpingana constituencies in the Oshikoto Region.

A lack of adequate rainfall this year has affected many people, let alone livestock.

Previously, during this time of the year, farmers could be seen transporting their animals from the main land to the cattle posts for better grazing.

However, with global warming, the situation has changed.

Government called to speed up drought relief scheme

Farmers from drought-stricken regions are calling on the government to fast-track the drought relief scheme so that they can get fodder to feed their animals.

The farmers made this call in an interview with nbc News at the just-ended Namibia National Farmers' Union Special Congress at Otjiwarongo.
According to the farmers, the drought is severe, and they are struggling to survive it.

Kavango East residents call for fairer compensation for wildlife conflict

Residents in Mukwe and Ndiyona constituencies of the Kavango East Region are the latest to join the call for a revision of compensation paid to victims of human-wildlife conflict, as they engaged with members of the parliamentary standing committee on natural resources.

During the meeting, community members emphasised that they do not comprehend how the ministry arrived at the compensation amount, and they contend that their losses far exceed the payments they receive.

Okatumba Agriculture show

The 13th edition of the Okatumba Agricultural Show centred on promoting upcoming young farmers and exchanging ideas between experts and enthusiasts.

Speaking at Okatumba in the Otjombinde Constituency, Committee Member Alba Marenga urged young upcoming farmers to concentrate on producing quality stock as opposed to keeping large herds of livestock.

Agro Marketing and Trade Agency improves relations with farmers

The Corporate Communication Officer of the Agro Marketing and Trade Agency (AMTA), Pasval Elijah, says farmers are willing to work with the agency.

Currently, AMTA is in business with 400 farmers across the country.

Ongwediva Fresh Business Produce Hub has the biggest chunk of 180, followed by Rundu with 120 horticultural farmers, while the Windhoek Collection Hub has the least with 111 farmers.