UNAM students encouraged to be tolerant towards other cultures

The University of Namibia's Southern Campus Director, Dr. Seth Eiseb, urged students to continue being tolerant towards other cultures.

Eiseb, who made the remarks during the opening of the annual UNAM Cultural Festival at Keetmanshoop, says that the event aims to foster unity and promote good cultural practises and traditional values that should be emulated by all.

||Kharas Infrastructure development projects progress well

The ||Kharas Regional Council is making progress in implementing infrastructure development projects despite slow movement due to budgetary constraints.

Government agencies gave a progress report on capital projects for the 2022–2023 financial year during a Regional Development Coordination Committee meeting at Keetmanshoop.

Among the developmental projects underway is the construction of the ||Kharas Regional Council Office Park, which stands at 97% complete, while the Karasburg West Constituency Office stands at 87% complete.

Keetmanshoop residents raise tax issues

Keetmanshoop residents raised concerns about issues relating to domestic as well as import taxes during the NamRa stakeholder engagement meeting held in the southern town.

The stakeholder's engagement was aimed at educating taxpayers on legislative requirements, tax obligations, and voluntary tax compliance.

NamRa figures show the southern regions of Hardap and ||Kharas have a combined 62,000 registered taxpayers. 

Of this total, 26,000 submit their annual tax returns electronically.

Cold weather expected in Keetmanshoop

Residents of Keetmanshoop woke up this morning to an unusual blanket of fog engulfing the southern town.

Motorists had to turn their headlights on and drive slowly as the foggy condition that lasted for about two hours reduced visibility.

According to the Namibia Meteorological Service, very cold conditions are expected in the south tomorrow.

These cold conditions, according to the weather office's forecast, are also expected to spread to the central and eastern parts of the country. 

Nama Cultural festival kicks off

The annual Nama Traditional Festival has accomplished with notable success the strengthening of the spirit, identity, and dignity of the Nama people, since its inception five years ago. 

Chairperson Goab Johannes Isaak shared these sentiments while delivering the keynote address at this year's Nama Traditional Festival held at Keetmanshoop. 

The main objective of the festival is to strengthen cohesion among the Nama folk, and for them to celebrate their cherished inheritance.

PK De Villiers learners serve hot meals and donate winter close to vulnerable at Keetmanshoop

Learners of PK De Villiers Secondary School at Keetmanshoop started their winter donation drive by serving a warm meal and donating winter clothes to vulnerable community members in the southern town.

The donation drive is an initiative of the Learners Representative Council.