Dr. Lemmer High School celebrates its 75th anniversary


In a jubilant celebration of 75 years of commitment to empowering learners and shaping future leaders, Dr. Lemmer High School marked this milestone with the Nedbank Relay Championship competition.

The event was filled with various activities, including the 100, 200, and 400-metre runs. 

Teachers and learners from schools as far as the Namakwa Region in South Africa joined the celebration, highlighting the school's impact beyond its immediate community.

Parents urged to shape future of children


As the 2024 academic year approaches, the Director of Programmes and Quality Assurance at the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture, Ayesha Wentworth, is urging parents to talk to their children about the dangers of using harmful substances.

Drugs can reduce a child's ability to learn, cause them to even drop out of school, and disrupt their lives and those around them.

Wentworth says children should expect harsh consequences if found with drugs on the school grounds, whether through disciplinary procedures or even face suspension.

Over 2,000 students graduate from IUM


More than 2,800 students graduated from the International University of Management (IUM) this year.

Last Friday, the IUM hosted its 2023 summer graduation, where 832 students graduated in various fields. In May this year, IUM graduated 1972 students, bringing the total number of graduates for 2023 to 2804.

The IUM Chancellor, Bishop Emeritus Dr. Shekutaamba V-V Nambala, congratulated the graduates on their well-deserved achievements during his speech.

IUM Founder and Council Chair, Prof. David Namwandi, officiated at the ceremony.

UNAM students donate medical supplies to Katutura Health Centre


Fourth-year law students at the University of Namibia have refurbished and donated medical equipment to the paediatric unit at Katutura Health Centre.

This is to create a calming and conducive environment for patients.

Katutura Health Centre, popularly known as Black Chain in honour of a nearby mall of the same name, operates on a 24-hour clock system, catering to residents of Katutura.

Students repainted the wall of the paediatric unit, making it child-friendly and enhancing its environment for comfort.

Students unhappy with the Rent Control Bill delays


The Students Union of Namibia (SUN) has expressed dissatisfaction with delays in the enactment of the Rent Control Bill.

The bill seeks to regulate rental fees.

The bill has been worked on by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development since 2017 and was delayed due to pending regulations.

In the meantime, Namibians will continue to feel the pinch of exorbitant rent rates, particularly students who are left with no choice and resort to degrading means to have accommodation, says the union.

Commotion breaks out at Ella du Plessis High School


A commotion broke out at Ella du Plessis High School when teachers and learners were locked outside for coming late.

Lateness is said to have been on the increase of late, prompting the principal to take this drastic action today.

When our news crew arrived at the school, we found learners and teachers gathered at the gate.

About ten teachers who were locked outside claimed that the gate closed five minutes early this morning.

Students, learners empowered through STEM


More than 60 students and learners from different institutions in Windhoek were empowered through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, otherwise known as STEM subjects, at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

The event, organised by Girl Up Namibia, was aimed at igniting a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics among young people.

The attendees had the opportunity to interact with accomplished speakers who shared their personal journeys and insights in various STEM disciplines.

Digital transformation improves learning


The Principal of Kuisebmond Secondary School, Jonathan Mashawa, says digital transformation can help improve the learning experience for both students and teachers, as well as other people involved in the process.

Mashawa says such changes will focus on improving engagement and accessibility through interactive and customizable learning. As a result, online education gets cheaper, more comprehensive, and more inclusive.

Other opportunities include micro-lessons, interactive videos or tests, and even games or AI-based learning methods.

Students in Cuba unhappy with monthly stipends provided by NSFAF


Some students studying in Cuba under the Cuban-funded scholarship say they face an ongoing issue in terms of inadequate monthly stipends paid to them.

The prices of goods and services have significantly risen, they say, making it increasingly difficult to make ends meet on the current stipend provided through the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund scholarship (NSFAF).

Currently, seven students receive a monthly stipend from NSFAF.

The stipend amount is set at N$2,000, which is slightly over US$130 per month.

KAYEC Otjiwarongo desires expansion of building


KAYEC Otjiwarongo is in need of funds to expand its building, as most learners sit outside due to a lack of space.

The branch was opened in 2016 with the aim of making sure that no child drops out of school by helping them with schoolwork and keeping them busy with beneficial activities.

The impact of the youth development programme was greatly seen in those learners that visited KAYEC after school, resulting in more and more parents encouraging their children to be part of KAYEC.