The Landless People's Movement member of parliament in the National Assembly, Henny Seibeb, is advocating for the discourse concerning the establishment of the Namibian Creative Hall of Fame, which will encompass a wide spectrum of creative domains, supporting and acknowledging both current and late local artists.

Seibeb stressed that the initiative will help artists display their talents and help those who do not have the same advantage.

"An appropriate and meaningful way to commemorate and pay tribute to some of the deceased creatives and athletes is by honoring them through their induction into the Namibian Hall of Fame."

He says the initiative pays tribute to remarkable achievements.

"I suggest that we explore this concept of the Hall of Fame as a great entity considering the development of the theme park featuring state-of-the-art architecture and creative filming. This park-like Hall of Fame could offer a unique experience for Namibians and tourists alike, complete with restaurants and sitting areas providing families with opportunities to both enjoy leisure time and educate their children about our nation's remarkable talent."

The Minister of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform, Carl Schlettwein, supported Seibeb's motion.

"I believe we are moving in a direction where artificial intelligence is taking the space ofal creativity. I think the statement is correct that if you ask yourself what the difference is between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, actual innovation and creativity are the only differences that exist. It is a field where artists will have a tough time in the coming years.

In his motion, Seibeb also outlined the role of culture and sport in the political economies of African countries.

"The cultural and creative industries and sports play a substantial role in the political economies of numerous African states, serving as critical catalysts for economic diversification."



Joleni Shihapela