NORED appeases long-standing service complaints from Kavango West residents

Residents of the Kavango West Region are now satisfied with NORED's response in addressing the constant power outages in the region.

The town's residents raised concerns about continuous power cuts at a stakeholders' meeting at Nkurenkuru last week.

They said the frequent power outages are affecting their daily activities at businesses, schools and hospitals.

At the previous meeting, the residents called on NamPower to introduce a second supply line to the Kavango West and a dedicated kilovolt line for Nkurenkuru.

NamPol commend |Khomas residents for peaceful Easter Holidays

Easter weekend went by in relative peace and quiet in the |Khomas Region, with police reporting a decline in criminal activity compared to what is normally the case over the holidays.

The Namibian Police's Commander in |Khomas, Commissioner David Indongo commended residents for their good behaviour over the long weekend, describing the holidays as calm.

The nbc News team caught up with Commissioner Indongo at the Okapuka police checkpoint between Okahandja and Windhoek.

City of Windhoek refutes claims of relocating some residents

The City of Windhoek has refuted claims of relocating some residents to an area where the |Khomanin Traditional Authority claimed to have several gravesites.

The Authority visited a once-forgotten grave site last week in the Moses ||Gäroeb Constituency.

The grave is that of Ouma Amalia |Hones, who died in 1963.

The |Khomanin Traditional Authority says that |Hones is of royal descent; her grave was discovered in 2020 by city officials during a relocation process before they moved residents from the Havana Four-Way.

Otjiwarongo Single Quarter residents not happy with municipality's decongestion plan

Residents living in the Otjiwarongo Single Quarters are still at loggerheads with the municipality over the implementation of the decongestion plan.

Since the beginning of the year, residents and the council have been at loggerheads, following a  decision to decongest the overcrowded single-quarters units in the town.

The plans to decongest the units means improving the living conditions of residents by relocating them to either the Kamp 5 or Saamstaan settlements.

Kabbe residents appeal for re-opening of Luhonono immigration office

The residents of Kabbe North and South Constituencies in the Zambezi Region are worried about the closure of the immigration office at Luhonono, which has been closed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country in 2020.

The residents of the two Kabbe Constituencies mainly from Luhonono, Nankuntwe, Nsundwa Namiyundu Muzii, and Mpukano say the closure of the border has had a negative impact on them. 

The challenges include facing arrest in Zambia when they cross illegally to go buy food because it is cheaper to buy in Zambia than travelling to Katima Mulilo.

Zambezi residents cautioned against staging house breakings to claim insurance

The Police in the Zambezi Region has cautioned residents against staging house breakings to claim insurance.

The NamPol Unit Commander for Community Affairs in the Zambezi Region, Inspector Kisco Sitali said house breakings top the list of offenses.

Of the 29 cases reported since the 19th of March, 13 cases are house breakings.

Inspector Sitali said many a time complainants end up being the suspects.

Rundu residents at risk of eating contaminated freshwater fish

Rundu residents are at risk of eating contaminated freshwater fish after it was discovered that some of them are fishing in and selling fish they caught from the sewerage water.

nbc News has learned that some of the residents have been catching fish in the sewerage water at the Kaisosi settlement.

For over five years now, the sewerage pond has been overflowing, especially during the rainy seasons.

Some residents go fishing in the early or late hours to avoid being detected.

Landless Swakopmund residents stage demonstration

A group of landless Swakopmund residents staged a demonstration, demanding fairness in the delivery of land at the town.

The group marched to the municipal offices, where they delivered a petition.

In the petition, residents called on the Swakopmund Municipality to allocate them land where they can set up their formal structures as well as provide affordable houses to its residents.

Rundu residents unhappy with NORED services

Residents of Rundu are still not happy with the services offered by NORED.

They expressed themselves at a consultation meeting, organized by the Rundu Town Council.

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development and the Ministry of Mines and Energy are consulting and soliciting inputs from key stakeholders on the establishment of Regional Electricity Distributors and their impact on local authorities.

Uis and Daures residents demonstrate against alleged illegal mining

Hundreds of residents of Uis and Daures Constituencies staged a demonstration against alleged illegal mining and exploitation of natural resources as well as environmental damage by the Chinese-owned Tangshan Xingfeng Spodumene Mining Company.

Namibia is not for sale! Namibia is ours! These were the words of angry residents of a vast, empty, semi-arid desert area about 70 kilometers outside the settlement of Uis.

They are claiming that the company is exporting the country's resources in an exploitative manner.