The Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) believes it has what it takes to end corruption, come 2024.

Trevino Forbes, the party's vice president for the Erongo Region, stated this during a recruitment drive in Narraville, Walvis Bay.

"We are the party that puts principles above privilege. We are not faced with positions; we are faced with making a change. All of us standing here joined IPC because we saw the need for change. If everything had gone well, we would not have joined political parties, and we would have been happy."

Forbes further called out people whom he said are trying to cause conflict among the IPC members and councillors in the town.

"They are trying to divide us, divide and conquer. They say they will not prevail. We will not be moved. Not while IPC is run like a family. We are united from the roots up. We will not give up. We will not be moved by the attempts to divide us. And I want to tell those who go behind our backs and conspire against us to bring us down that we will not be moved. IPC is the antidote and immune booster for Namibia.

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Stefan Uirab